Better farm-to-plate links for northern producers

Everyone loves a fresh juicy mango right? Well they’re about to get fresher.

Our northern Australian mango farmers will be the first to trial a new Smart Supply Chains system to help speed up the harvest-to-retail cycle so their consumers get fresher produce.

A new two-year Smart Supply Chains project is the first to be funded by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia and will trial new technologies to improve the quality control of mangos through the supply chain.

The project will explore ways to help northern Australian farmers who face logistical road, rail and air infrastructure challenges to get their fresh produce to markets.

The Smart Supply Chains project will place mini digital sensors and trackers with the fruit being shipped to markets to monitor and record data such as temperature and humidity changes, movement and handling.

New Blockchain software will make the data accessible to all partners in the supply chain and financial transactions and other quality control measures will be recorded.

The technologies will help traders to rectify supply chain problems so that the quality of their products is preserved, farmers achieve higher sale prices and consumers get fresher produce.

The Smart Supply Chains project is a collaborative initiative between the CRC for Developing Northern Australia; the research group, T-Provenance; the horticultural peak body, Growcom; and mango growers, Manbulloo Ltd.

Visit the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia’s website for more information.

Published: 5 April 2018